Termite Control Services

At A.T.M. we use only the most environmentally sound and least toxic materials to control termites and offer Termite Control Services that are:

  • Affordable and courteous Pest Control
  • Least Toxic
  • Specializing in Termite & Pest Control
  • Residential, Commercial, Nursing, Condominiums, Office Buildings, Rental Properties
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Perimeter Barriers to keep insects out
  • Interior treatment to breeding / nesting areas
  • Owners serving South Florida for over 55 years
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Specializing In A 3 Step Program

(1) Scan & Detect with proven high tech equipment
(2) Kill with transfer bait to colonies
(3) Preventative with borates & borons

Family-Friendly Techniques For Over 55 Years

At A.T.M, we understand the need to keep your family safe, which is why we offer one of the safest, greenest Termite Control Programs, and have won the coveted "Emerald Award" certificate from Broward Co. for 3 years (2007, 2008, & 2010) for Green Products & Practices, Innovative Process Improvement.

Electro Gun
Now in its fourth generation since 1979, the Electro-Gun is an innovative, technically intricate , hand-held electronic system that combines high frequency and high voltage to overcome wood's natural resistance to electrical current flow. Utilizing four U.S. patented designs, this system allows electrical currents to penetrate wood and flow into the galleries and nests of drywood termites, killing them by electrical shock.
Premise controls termites with the unique active ingredient imidacloprid. A proper application of Premise results in the establishment of a complete Treated Zone TM that is non-repellant to termites. Bayer Corporation backs Premise with a knowledgable field sales and technical support staff. Bayer also supports PMPs with sales and training support materials.

Use of Explore-A Scope in those areas where we find evidence of drywood termites leading into inaccessible areas, we will drill small holes to allow further inspection with our fiber optic explore-a-scope. the explore-a-scope is plugged into a household current, an projects light into the dark wall voids allowing us to see full color and pinpoint the infestation for treatment.


Termidor is fully approved by the EPA, as well as by other government authorities around the world. It can only be applied by specially trained Termidor Certified Professionals . The combination of ingestion, contact and the 'transfer effect', (which is unique and puts Termidor in a category by itself) routinely provides 100% termite control. No exceptions


Tim-Bor is an effective and economic product used primarily for the control and prevention of drywood termites, wood decay fungi and carpenter ants. Tim-Bor is a borax product that is dissolved in water and sprayed on bare wood in the home to prevent the wood from attack by insects and fungus. Tim-Bor is one of the only non-toxic preventative measures available for drywood termites, and is used in conjunction with other methods. Tim-Bor is also used with the Electro-Gun and Borates to treat and control other wood destroying pest & fungai.


Bora-Care is used for the control of subterranean termites, Formosan termites, and wood destroying beetles. Bora-Care is also the only termiticide evaluated by the Southern Building Codes Congress International as a suitable alternate to soild treatments. Treat the wood with Bora-Care, and you will eliminate the infestations and provide long-term control and protection.

Foam Machine

A.T.M's Foam Machine can foam borate products for placement in the wall cavity and other hard to reach areas, like door jams, window frames, ceiling joist in insulation, behind base boards, etc. The Wall Foamer can easily foam termiticides for sub-slab applications, filled porches, bath traps, and other termite trouble spots.

Drill & Treat

Drill and Treat is a procedure where we drill into the termite galleries and inject safer and less toxic kill and preventative agents.

Baiting Programs

Successful baiting systems to suit your subterranean termite needs for monitoring and prevention.

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